Press Release: Assualt Weapons Ban Case Dismissal

From the time Dan Caulkins copied and pasted my client’s complaint and filed it as his own and then hastily ran to the Supreme Court woefully unprepared to make a compelling case for gun owners in this state, I raised the strong likelihood that he would lose his case for the exact reasons the Supreme Court ruled. The lack of effort taken by Caulkins and his legal team is why the Court ruled that he had failed to meet their burden. I called it from the beginning. I commend the AG’s office for their skillful defense and ability to get Caulkins to do what they wanted, and I’m sure they are laughing at the naivety and ignorance exhibited by Caulkins.

Having said that, the IL Supreme Court’s decision that Caulkins failed to meet his burden does not bar my clients from being able to proceed to make their case that they are in fact similarly situated to all or part of the exempt class. The decision for dismissal by the circuit court in Effingham county was premature and in error as my clients have a right to make their case. The circuit court dismissed our client’s case without even so much as a hearing on the matter. As such, we will file a motion to reconsider immediately. In the event the motion to reconsider should fail, we will appeal to the Appellate Court and eventually the Supreme Court. We have evidence to prove the exempt class has nothing to do with training and our clients have a right to present it. Moreover, we will not waive our procedural constitutional violation of the three-readings clause, which Caulkins foolishly did, and we will present this argument to the Supreme Court as well.

Sadly, Caulkin’s ineptitude, and desire to have his five minutes of fame, has presently harmed millions of law-abiding gun owners in this state.

Attorney Thomas DeVore

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