Illinois Assault Weapons Ban

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01-20-22: Judge Joshua Morrison Issues Temporary Restraining Order

We are pleased to announce Judge Joshua Morrison Issues Temporary Restraining Order to named plaintiffs. 

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Join the Case to Fight the IL Assault Weapons Ban

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with some other members of the legal profession to take action against Governor Pritzker and the Illinois General Assembly for the passage of HB 5471 which will severely restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens in Illinois.  We plan on bringing a lawsuit in the Illinois state court immediately.  The state court action will address the unlawful manner of which the general assembly continues to pass laws by playing with procedure.  Turning an insurance law into a gun grab at the last second is unacceptable.  These violations of procedure must be addressed by our Courts. 

As for a federal action, should it become necessary, there is a high likelihood the new gun law violates recent United States Supreme Court precedent in regard to 2nd Amendment rights.  An outright ban on gun sales and transfers is an overreach which we would hope the U.S. Supreme Court will not allow to stand. 

Anyone who desires to join and be a part of this case is free to do so.  We intend to begin in the state court and then work towards the federal court, if and when the need arises.  We are preparing now for what is assuredly a quick approval by Governor Pritzker.  If you would like to join our action, please fill out the application. 

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