Consolidated Case - IL Assault Weapons Ban

ATTORNEY SOLICITATION MATERIALS - Due to a significant number of requests we are opening enrollment for a consolidated case against HB 5471 which will severely restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens in Illinois. Results of previous cases similar in nature cannot be relied up by client to expect similar results in this matter.

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Assault Weapons Ban - Consolidated Case

The Illinois Supreme Court has decided to consolidate our prior three cases into one case in Effingham County, IL as we had asked.  While we asked them to also consolidate the Macon County case as well for which we are not a party, the Court decided not to do so.  As a result of this consolidation order of the Supreme Court, we have the opportunity to amend our consolidated case to make a few minor adjustments to the legal arguments and at the same time afford one final opportunity for individual citizens to be added as named Plaintiffs.  The final state court action will address the unlawful manner of which the general assembly violates the three-readings clause of the Illinois Constitution.  It will also address equal protection.  Anyone who might consider joining this final consolidation should consider it only if you are inclined to take the opportunity to exercise your lawful rights to purchase during the pendency of this action.  We fully expect a restraining order be in place to the benefit of the named plaintiffs until such time as these issues are resolved by a final ruling in the Illinois Supreme Court either in our consolidated case or the Macon County Case for which we are not involved.  While that restraining order would be in place, you would be lawfully allowed to continue exercising your gun rights as if this law had not been passed. 

As for any federal action, there is a high likelihood the new gun law violates recent United States Supreme Court precedent in regard to 2nd Amendment rights.  We are presently monitoring other federal cases as well as the other state court case, and if and when the time becomes necessary, we will be filing a federal case on behalf of the Guardians of Liberty and Firearms Advocacy Alliance Associations which federal action would be to your benefit as a citizen of Illinois and a member of either association should you join at no cost to you. 

Anyone who desires to join and be a part of this consolidated case is free to do so.  If you would like to join our action, please fill out the application.  After the application is complete, you will see an additional e-mail within 24 hours asking for your signature on one or more related documents. 


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Important Information

Case enrollment will be open for a limited duration.   All plaintiffs must be able and willing to actively monitor their e-mail and sign all requested documents.  Plaintiffs will be removed if they do not sign the signature verification form.   

Only 1 Plaintiff can be listed on each registration. 

Any potential plaintiff that is already in an exempt category should not apply.  

Any plaintiff already on another case should not apply.  

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