Governor and Attorney General filed a 107-page brief in the Caulkins Matter

So today the Governor and Attorney General filed a 107 page brief in the Caulkins matter. It’s available on our website to review. The amount of legal work and research to adequately and competently refute that brief will take hundreds of hours of research, legal analysis and writing. To date, Caulkins has done nothing more than copy and paste our legal work into his case and pretend it’s his own. At no time has Caulkins ever prepared and made any significant legal analysis in his case. The question is that Caulkins has a very small window of time to do all of this. Will he do it? You all better hope so. Maybe Caulkins will break out his whiteboard again and impress us with his legal analysis of the 107 brief he is up against with no record to use to defend himself. We shall see.

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