End Masks on buses case

ATTORNEY SOLICITATION MATERIALS - Is your Illinois school district still requiring your children to mask up on the bus? We believe the LAW is clear in this matter and are currently seeking potential plaintiffs to challenge your school districts reliance on a CDC administrative order.

I want to end masks on buses.

Is your school district requiring masks on buses stating it’s a violation of law related to the mask requirement on public transportation? Our analysis of the law finds it is NOT. According to [USC02] 49 USC Ch. 53: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, school bus service is NOT defined as public transportation, and there is no federal jurisdiction in this matter.  


We are looking for up to 4 plaintiffs per school district who want to bring this issue before the court for a flat fee of $2500.00

We will not be seeking class certification at this time; instead, we hope that should the court rule in our favor, the school district would let it apply to ALL students.


Should the court rule in our favor and the school district chooses not to allow the ruling to apply to all students who are riding buses and we will offer other parents the option at that time to join the case for a one time fee of $259


Tom Explains the Law Related to Buses

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Tom DeVore

"This type of evil is exactly what the law was intended to constrain."

Cost $2500

The current cost is a flat rate per school district and includes all named plaintiffs.


Most frequent questions and answers

The current cost is set at a flat rate of $2,500 per school district and includes all named plaintiffs.  

Tom DeVore’s team will review all form completions and will contact you directly. 

You will be the point person to assist Tom Devore’s office with the collection of potential plaintiff information from your school district. Please make sure the plaintiffs understand they will be named in the suit.

Tom DeVore’s office is not directly involved in any fundraising initiatives. However, many parent groups have set up fundraisers to help raise funds from their community. The Group Leader must coordinate these actions.

Each school district can have up to 4 plaintiffs. Any range in between is acceptable.

Private Schools are not included at this time.